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When shared hosting is no longer enough, a VPS server will be a cost-effective solution. A virtual machine will be a perfect solution when there is no need to have an exclusive physical device. VPS servers are an intermediate solution between a dedicated server and shared hosting.
A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine set up on a physical server connected to the Internet. Virtualization technology means that many such instances can be separated on one server. Each has its own operating system and offers basically the same features and capabilities as a separate dedicated server. However, a VPS server is much cheaper and easier to use than a physical server. The cheapest VPS server costs just a few dollars a month.
How does a VPS server work?
Virtual computer systems are dedicated environments that have their own operating systems and applications. Their creation with the use of the VMgen management panel is very intuitive. All you need to do is select the operating system tailored to your individual needs and a specific location, and set the appropriate configuration, so that you can take advantage of the possibilities provided by our VPS servers. The deployment process will take approximately 1.5 minutes. Integration via API allows you to automate the process of creating and managing virtual machines. By using the predefined application catalog, you can easily launch the popular ones. This reduces the amount of time you spend managing virtual machines.
Depending on your needs, you can choose servers located in:
• Europe,
• North America
• Africa,
• South America,
• Asia and Oceania.
With access to 28 locations around the world, you can choose those that are close to end-users. However, the choice affects the range of configurations that can be used.
What operating systems can I use on VPS servers?

By opting for VPS hosting in VMgen, you can choose between different operating systems that can be installed on virtual machines. These are both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.
When 32-bit systems are required, you can choose from:
• Ubuntu,
• Vyatta,
• PBX,
• LAMP Stack.
However, among 64-bit systems, you can choose from such options as, among others:
• Debian,
• Ubuntu,
• Fedora,
• OpenBSD,
• Gentoo.
What does virtualization technology offer on VPS servers?
As for the VPS server, virtualization technology is able to provide increased flexibility, quality of network operation. Scalability can be improved while reducing costs.
When choosing the best VPS for your business, you can:
• obtain maximum work efficiency,
• easy to expand infrastructure,
• automate many IT operations,
• ask for IT solutions management processes,
• reduce operating costs,
• minimize failure frequency of network solutions,
• increase productivity.
Virtual machines that allow you to take advantage of virtualization make it possible to limit the growing problems with failures or data loss. They provide simplification of the process of their recovery. In addition, VPS servers, i.e. solutions put into the hands of customers at VMgen, are a way to simplify data management. This makes it easier to improve your work efficiency.
What types of virtualization on VPS servers can be used?
Depending on your needs, the virtualization offered by VPS servers can be used in various ways. Individual solutions will work in other situations.
The most popular ways to use virtualization technology include:
• mass memory virtualization,
• network virtualization.
Storage virtualization allows, above all, to make better use of disk space. In this way, the available space can be optimally managed. Better use of infrastructure translates into lower operating costs. On the other hand, network virtualization is a solution for enterprises that want to improve the quality of work with applications. You can increase the speed of their operation. This makes the use of the application more comfortable. Using virtualization in this way can ensure independence from hardware limitations without incurring large expenses.
What are the benefits of virtualization?
Virtualization when it comes to VPS servers provides the ability to run multiple operating systems on one server. If high performance is essential, then virtual machines are the perfect solution.
By using a cheap VPS server you can:
• reduce equipment maintenance costs,
• increase the efficiency of IT activities,
• improve the functioning of the application,
• reduce the workload of the devices used,
• improve the operation of devices.
The purchase and maintenance of high-quality infrastructure is associated with high costs when it comes to a VPS server. When your company needs access to modern data centers without incurring excessive expenses, you can use the virtualization technology available in VMgen.
Why is it worth using virtualization technology?
X86 VPS servers have their limitations. If you decide to constantly expand your infrastructure with additional servers, you may encounter problems with low performance. Although data processing can be improved or huge amounts of data can be stored, it will be associated with very high operating costs. An alternative solution is to use virtual machines that allow you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the virtualization technology. In this way, cheap vps allows you to limit the growing costs associated with the need to increase productivity, which is necessary in the modern market. The creation of virtual computer systems allows you to use a variety of operating systems and applications while maintaining high efficiency.
What can VPS servers be used for?
The main advantage of VPS hosting is that you can use it to carry out practically the same operations as on a dedicated server, but at much lower prices.
It is an excellent solution, even for those using web hosting who need to use more opportunities without spending too much money, such as:
• efficient service of more visitors,
• installation of additional modules.
However, the VPS server allows not only to host a website on it.
Companies can use such hosting for, among other things:
• database installation,
• creating a voice server,
• creating a game server,
• creating a backup server,
• creating a DNS server,
• creating a proxy server,
• testing programs,
• creating applications,
• streaming,
• service monitoring.
By using tailored VPS servers, you can expand your business growth opportunities. It is much easier to develop services that are targeted at customers. This may apply to access to online applications as well as online stores. Customer access to service platforms can be facilitated.
What kinds of VPS configuration can I choose?
By choosing VPS servers in VMgen, you can access a powerful network that consists of IPv4 and IPv6 nodes that are located all over the world. In this way, you can take advantage of the low latency for users who use the company’s services in selected locations.
Depending on your needs, you can decide on such configurations as:
• 25 GB of disk space, one processor and 2 GB RAM,
• 50 GB of disk space, two processors and 4 GB RAM,
• 100 GB of disk space, four processors and 8 GB RAM,
• 200 GB of disk space, six processors and 16 GB RAM,
• 300 GB of disk space, eight processors and 32 GB RAM,
• 400 GB of disk space, sixteen processors and 62 GB RAM
In each option you can use unlimited inbound transfer. However, the range of available configurations depends on the selected location.
Various configurations allow the use of cheap VPS by novice users. This will facilitate the work and provide access to resources that improve the functioning of the website or the operation of the application. At the same time, it will not generate excessive costs. However, experienced users can choose VPS servers characterized by extensive configurations that ensure an efficient and friendly working environment.
When should you think about a VPS server?
More and more companies offer their services via the Internet.
Then it is necessary to use hosting which will be:
• stable,
• efficient,
• safe,
• cost effective
The VPS server allows you to use secure hosting without incurring large expenses. Virtual machines created in VMgen are located in constantly audited and certified data centers.
In this way, they meet, among others, such international compliance standards as, among others:
• SOC 1,
• SOC 2,
This ensures that the data is stored in a manner that meets strict security standards. This is of great importance when you need VPS servers where your company files will be located. In addition, VPS hosting ensures proper functioning without excessive failures. It is important to have access to support that can be used in the event of problems with the functioning of the server. VMgen not only provides access to failure-free solutions, but also a dedicated support team. This way, any problems can be solved in no time. This is of great importance when servers are used to provide applications or provide services to users. Then you can ensure not only fast, but also trouble-free operation. The reliability of virtual machines is an important feature that directly affects the quality of services provided by the company.
How to use VPS servers to improve work efficiency?
Virtual machines functioning as VPS servers allow you to better use the computing power of computers. Applications can run efficiently and continuously.
The large spectrum of the use of virtual machines is caused by:
• the ability to run multiple operating systems without the need to expand the infrastructure,
• the ability to conveniently move and copy virtual machines,
• advanced resource control capabilities,
• increasing the security of devices.
Appropriate distribution of system resources between various virtual machines is a way to effectively increase work efficiency.
What are the financial benefits of a VPS server?
Dedicated physical servers are an expensive and complicated to use solution. In many situations, it is not necessary to have a physical machine at your exclusive disposal. This is due to the lack of the need for full personalization or the selection of specific equipment. Then an easy-to-use VPS server will be a better solution. Often, even the cheapest VPS will be sufficient in terms of the configuration that can be used. However, in this way you can significantly reduce the costs of using the server.

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